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annafestdestiny asked: If you're going to go shopping in NYC, they have tons of fun things at M&J Trimming (and Buttons), Toho Shoji, Beads on Broadway, Beads World - those are all near Herald Square/Midtown West area. In Chinatown - I get all my little gold charms at Hollywood Nail on Chrystie street. NYC really does not have as many awesome places as you would think (Los Angeles, however, is a freakin goldmine). I have heard good things about beauty supplies in Queens, but haven't made it out there yet...


thanks so much for all this info! for some reason, my inbox doesn’t seem to be working properly and I’m just now getting this, but we are going to be going back up very soon and I’m definitely going to check out as many of these suggestions as I can, thank you!!!

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